POSTED ON January 24, 2024
Consciousness & Reality

How To Tailor Your Identity and Conduct Reality

This is how we create our respective realities. Or to be more accurate, how we mold our experience and distribute reason through the passage of life. The following will describe the basic mechanics of consciousness and identity building.

This is a more involved, applicable and holistic approach to understanding how we operate, in terms for rational thought. The true essence of these words is found via self-discovery, but they will invariably point in the same direction. In keeping with ‘non-dual’ realization, remember that these words are ephemeral, and these concepts are bound to transform, grow, and die, as needed for the evolution of communication of that which is beyond our mind’s grasp.
So take these ideas if they are useful; if not, throw them away.
I’ll start by creating distinctions between what we call ‘consciousness,’ the ‘heart’ and the ‘mind.’ Consciousness, for the sake of this exploration, is what you are, and what you are experiencing. Let’s say that it’s the whole, total experience, as one. Everything that we’ve ever known, the whole dang adventure of life encapsulated into this one thing: consciousness. When someone either dissolves all separation, or marries the duality, they can know ‘non-duality’ or ‘oneness.’
The two primary aspects of this consciousness that we utilize in every moment are a blend of ‘attention’ and ‘awareness.’ Two sides of the same coin. Attention is the focusing of awareness, and awareness is the dispersion of attention. Both work simultaneously, always.
The heart is the true center, or core of our soul. The essence of this source in these terms, could be called our ‘spirit.’ This is the creative nectar we infuse into forms (thoughts, words, images, and symbols). The heart feels, intuits, senses, cares, and knows.
The mind operates by identifying (creating form with symbols and language), and we impart ‘reality, reason, meaning, substance’ upon these forms with our attention and intention. The mind thinks, narrates, projects, organizes, classifies: aka identifies.

The mind can be imagined as the computer, and the heart as the power source. So then, if the mind is a computer, then our beliefs (the way we identify ourselves and the world), is our operating system.

Beliefs are the assumptions, ideals, definitions, judgements, and expectations which act as the architecture of our identity or ‘ego.’ Our identity is the tool by which we interface, express, and navigate our lives. We are actually always in creative control of this ‘self-image,’ whether we know it, or ‘believe’ it or not. It’s happening as seamlessly as our next spoken word, almost constantly.
We can convince ourselves of any limit we can imagine, and just the same we can overcome those ‘imaginary’ boundaries. Regardless whether something is found to be fact, or recognized as universal law, we still adhere it to our identity, our ‘model-of-reality.’ So belief in this sense can be seen as ‘bestowing life’ or ‘giving power’ to a thing.
One important note here: the mind and it’s identity is also being used to protect the heart, the seat of our innocence, love, and precious being. This opens up to a greater realm of psychology and it’s nuances, but we’ll keep this as basic as possible for now.
The longer that our focus is held to a thing, the more ‘substance, life, power, significance’ we infuse it with. We call this our ‘time’ and everyone is vying for yours; it is our true ‘currency.’ We do this constantly and consistently. Additionally, we can choose to willingly harness our focus through meditation, introspection, or completely immersing our attention into presence - all of this is experienced as flow.
You can see how in flow-state we feel as though time collapses, because the mind is no longer ‘thinking’ in terms of self-imaging, or referencing, it’s full capacity is dedicated to what we’re doing in the moment. By following the flow of our attention and observing where it goes, we can see where and what we distribute meaning to.
Keep in mind that even considering something as ‘meaningless’ is still giving it a ‘meaning’ by identifying it as such. This is often the paradox of a dualistic (mental) experience. Another note for thought is recognizing that you are one as the soul, but the mind works within hemispheres, in dichotomy, and this is how it references and divides everything into parts, which leads to ever increasing complexity.
So, true knowing is soul-recognition, and is often discovered by letting the mind go, stepping away from the incessant narrative of your life. Stop trying to understand and simply behold. This is but one of many ways one finds their ‘self.’
The mind is also leveling up all the time, and it upgrades what can be conceived through conscious awakenings that happen across our lifetime. These ‘awakenings’ are simply the expansion of awareness to new and greater vantage points. They’re also the dismantling of limits established by our old beliefs. When you do this, you can now begin to build a new belief system from a greater level of awareness. This is integration of a higher truth; realizing you are more than you previously thought.
The ultimate reckoning is to find that you’ve already made it: Here. Right Now is exactly where you are suppose to be, and this doesn’t stop your growth; you are always learning how to direct your attention to experience the reality that you see fit. Now is always in constant flow, it’s a current.
From this point you are awarded with hindsight, and foresight! You come to recognize that all of your potency and influence happens right here, at this very moment, and you can opt to no longer invest yourself in time-constructs made up by the mind, or a story that doesn’t serve you.

So you press on, as you always do, as all consciousness does, ever-expanding into infinity.

In conclusion:
~ Our heart breathes life into reality, by pouring meaning into form through the channel of our attention.
~ The landscape/canvas for which we create, is the infinite meaningless void, which can be experienced by our ever-flourishing awareness.
~ The pallet is the mind, it's words, symbols, ideas, beliefs, assumptions, conclusions, and expectations are the variations of color and paint.
~ The brush then, is our directed attention.
We’re all doing it. All the time. We are co-creating this reality together, on the fly. This is a call out to those of you that are ‘paying attention.’ Where are you directing this infinite power? Does it serve you? Does it serve others? Is it helping you to find more harmony and purpose in life? Or is it being fettered away on some fleeting drama, outside of your domain? I hope these words find you well, and inspire you, so that you may reclaim your power, your freedom, and your birthright.
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Jef sells people themselves. He is a content creator, presenting his unique perspective on the nature of reality. Along with his approach, is a firm stance on a 'harmonic principle' that permeates all of existence. Essentially, getting in line with this current, we may flow with the universe and find ourselves exactly where we need to be, all of the time. This unconventional approach to life is rooted in following your highest excitement and passion in life. So you'll typically find Jef finding ways to render joy, listening to sick beats, or hanging out with his beautiful wife. He'll always aim to bring the best out of others, and the moment.

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