Jef always has a vehement drive towards unveiling the nature of reality; some of his earliest memories firmly fixed on the big questions. At a fairly early stage in life, just out of high school, his fascination lead to a ground-breaking realization, which completely transformed how he saw himself, consciousness, spirituality and the world at large.
Jef had tasted ‘oneness,’ and drank from the fountain of infinite love. Since then, he’s spent the last two decades, integrating all the ways he can articulate this profound truth. From learning spiritual practices in energy work, yoga, lucid dreaming, extra-sensory perception, and channeling, along with diving into the realm of entheogens, he offers a very unique and hands-on approach to the mystical.
Leading a professional life in customer service, sales, leadership and life-coaching, he excels at communicating. Marrying the esoteric spiritual medium, a student of meditation, with the gift-of-gab, Jef covers a wide range of topics from psychology, human-potential, and mental mastery, to the spiritual implications beyond the boundaries of our old belief-systems.
Now, Jef has culminated his knowledge into a fine point, weaving all aspects of life and the psyche into a cohesive whole. Described as finding his own ‘unifying principle’ which ties the bow of the gift received all those years ago. Jef is not afraid to traverse the dark depths of the human condition, or confront public scrutiny, always directing the conversation back to the source of light within each of us.
His mission:
~ The refinement and clarification of his message.
~ To sell you yourself!
~ To facilitate, aid, and contribute to the evolution of consciousness.
~ To bring spiritual, metaphysical, and new-thought concepts into practical application immediately.
~ To help others access their true sovereignty and power, by aligning with their highest self.
With our self-empowerment and freedom, we will lead others toward a brighter future, upgrading humanity to the next level, and beyond. The more we become our true, authentic selves, the more we generate harmony across the universe.


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