Raymond is a multi-disciplinary designer and developer currently located in either Silicon Valley or San Diego, CA. He has been developing a series of ideas related to how we as humans can design our reality from the context of his knowledge in programming and through paying attention to the self development spaces for more than 15 years.
He grew up in a small town in Minnesota, and while this shaped the way we seen the world early on - he always felt and acted like an entrepreneur. At 12. he turned his love for skateboarding into a small business where he made skateboards in his basement and from all that was involved in that business alone - set the framework for his thinking and what he would begin to expect from his life.
After a series of self awakenings early, his mindset quickly shifted towards looking at reality as if it is a game, and is something where we can upgrade our character, build our self, and ultimately design our reality by designing our perceptions.
At 20 years old he founded a juice bar, which was a physical store that sold juice, smoothies, and arrangement of health products that he would go to manage for 2 years before deciding to leave to Arizona for an adventure.
During this time since the last 8 years he has been developing a geometrical day trading algorithm and would continue on to create a series of very innovative strategies using vector mathematics and would pioneer in that industry while remaining a solo indie developer and artist.
Now. you'll find him riding his skateboard along the beaches of San Diego, grabbing a coffee, thrifting, creating 3D art, or managing and envisioning the future for Reality Designers.


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