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Feb 18, 2024

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Do This Instead Of Your Spiritual Practice

Sometimes the best thing that you can do right now to awaken, is to actually do something. The answers that you’re looking for, are closer to the edge of where you have completed some task to get there, at least most of the time. Don’t use your spiritual practice to avoid something you really want to be doing instead.

Navigating life today feels like being in a huge video game. Everything's online, and it feels like there are too many choices, kind of like when you're playing a game and can't figure out which level to tackle next. With every click or swipe on our screens, we face a new decision, from small things like what to watch, to big life choices like what job to take. But here's the thing: having so many options often doesn't help us move forward. Instead, it's like we're stuck running in circles, not getting anywhere.
It's as if our brains have too many tabs open, and we forget what we were looking for in the first place. This flood of choices should make things easier, but it actually makes us freeze up. We get overwhelmed by all the paths we could take and end up not choosing anything. We're scared of picking the wrong thing, so we don't pick at all. That's why I started looking for a new way to deal with all these choices. I wanted to find a way through the chaos without losing sight of what I'm about.
The usual way of making decisions, by just trying to narrow things down, doesn't work anymore. Life isn't about picking the best option from a list someone else gives you. It's about making something unique, something that's all you. It's about creating your own path, not just following the paths that are already laid out.
When I dived into spirituality and self-help, I saw it was packed with people all saying they knew the best way to live. There are so many voices out there, each one promising they have the secret to a better life. But what really made sense to me was the idea that I had to find my own way. I realized I couldn't just follow someone else's path. I needed to make my own.
This was a big moment for me. It showed me that finding my path was about putting together pieces from different places, making my own puzzle. It's not about fitting into someone else's picture of how life should be. When you're thinking about what to do next, it's not about having a sure answer right away. It's more about exploring and trying new things.
The world of spiritual guides and self-help books is vast, but the real journey starts when you go your own way. It's about living your life, trying things out, and seeing what experiences teach you. This approach to life is more about doing and learning from what you do, rather than just following a set plan.
In today's digital world, we're not just working in traditional ways. We're sharing our lives online, turning our experiences and what we learn into digital stories. By sharing my journey, I'm not just keeping a record for myself; I'm connecting with others who are on their own paths. It's about making sense of things together, beyond just the spiritual stuff.
Sharing what you learn and your journey helps others see they're not alone. It's like leaving a trail for others to follow, showing them it's okay to find their own way. I believe one of the best things we can do for each other is share how we navigate life. It's not about telling people where to go but offering insights that help them choose their own path.
Life isn't just about reaching certain milestones that others have set. It's about continually adapting and learning from everything around us. Every new place or experience teaches us something, helping us grow and connect more with the world. The real heart of growing and learning isn't about collecting knowledge; it's about using what we learn to help others and ourselves.
The idea that spirituality is about gathering a bunch of knowledge and then being done with learning never made sense to me. The more I live and experience, the more I see that real growth is about developing skills and helping others. I'm trying to learn and get better at many things, not just stick to one area. This way, I'm not just learning; I'm expanding my view of the world and how I fit into it.
By exploring different skills and ideas, I'm not just focusing on one part of life. I'm discovering how everything connects, which helps me understand the bigger picture. It's about seeing how all the parts of our lives fit together, making us who we are and guiding us where we're going.
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Raymond is a multi-disciplinary designer and developer currently living in either Silicon Valley or San Diego, CA depending on the seasons. You'll find him most commonly skateboarding, having a coffee, programming, algorithmic day trading, creating 3D art or working to bring the Reality Designers vision to life.

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