Jan 17, 2024

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I Found My Self When I Stopped Searching For It

Sometimes in life you got to go the opposite direction. In these trying times, this could be even more true than we have the capacity to realize. What happens when you stop looking for yourself, and trust it is always there?

Growing up, I had several moments that served as defining points in time, where the difference between the Internal World and the External World became very clear. It was during these shifts in my perception that I found myself compelled to ask even deeper questions about the mysteries that surrounded me.
In the quest for answers, whether directed inwardly or toward external entities such as figures, establishments, or bodies of authority, a thought occurred to me: Why don't I just ask my Self?
So I began to ask questions, and the answers would appear, not always right away, but they did appear. I would ask questions big and small, and the answers would keep generating from within. It was as if I was learning to recognize the internal form that has the capacity to reflect, be present, and aware for the first time. Is this consciousness?
It's kind of a funny thing when you discover a new part of yourself, it's like unlocking a new attribute in a video game and that's what I started to learn that that's all what reality was.
What I discovered in these early days of my awakening was that as soon as you pose a question about the very fabric of reality, attentive listening often yields a profound answer. It takes a while to learn how to listen to the internal guidance system, as the answers do not always come in the form you expect.
Whether it's another voice from within, an image, of if you're lucky like me: a set of movies unraveling in your mind showing the shape and form of the intuitive thought, we all have some system within which can be better tuned and optimized to help us design our world.
It always has struck me as intriguing how, as humans, we tend to associate the unknown with darkness, assuming that what lingers beyond the familiar construction of our mental and spiritual barriers must inherently carry consequences of a potentially greater magnitude - consequences we may not possess the capacity to comprehend fully.
Why do we, as humans, jump to the idea that the uncertain is a danger? It seemed like this is just built into how we all think, maybe from a long time ago when we needed to survive. But what if, behind the shadows, there's not danger but a bunch of untapped potential waiting for us to grab onto for personal and group growth?
This play between light and shadow, certainty and not knowing, kept showing up in my thoughts. It made me question if the unknown is just an empty space to fear or a place full of chances waiting for us to explore.
So, my belief kind of boiled down to this: in this massive universe, my job must be to uncover as many of these imprints as I can and turn them into something tangible, and by doing so contributing my own angle of perception to give others the chance to include it into their own as we go on our individual journeys of discovery within the mix of things we call existence.
As I kept moving forward, I realized that this journey of questioning and figuring stuff out is a continuous thing. It's not just a one-time deal but a constant exploration of what's going on inside and outside. This got me even more curious, pushing me to roll with the flow of my awakening.
Turning these imprints into something real became a creative thing for me - a way to reprogram my thoughts and what I consider real and between what's known and what's not. In all this exploring, the idea of a purpose started shifting. It wasn't some set destination but a kind of flowing understanding of how even the small things I do can ripple out into an even larger structure of reality. The idea that uncovering imprints and sharing them could kick-start someone else's quest for understanding kept my sense of purpose alive.
As I kept navigating this ongoing story of figuring stuff out and going deeper, I saw that the journey itself was just as important as where it takes you. The questions we throw out there, the imprints we find, and the ways we express ourselves all become threads in the big picture of what it means to be human. It's like we're all weaving this collective tapestry, and every person, with their questions and experiences, adds a unique thread to the fabric of our shared existence.
In this journey, I found that the process of asking questions wasn't just about finding definitive answers but about embracing the uncertainty and continuously seeking understanding. It's an acknowledgment that the unknown isn't something to be feared but an unexplored terrain holding the potential for growth and discovery.
As I delved deeper into this mindset, I started appreciating the beauty in the diversity of human experiences. The imprints left by different perspectives weren't just variations; they were the colors that painted our collective canvas. Each unique thread, whether thick or thin, added richness to the overall narrative of human existence.
The act of expressing these discoveries took various forms, often displaying as creative pursuits. Whether it was through written words, visual art, or other mediums, the intention was to share the imprints and the insights gained from exploring reality. It became a way to bridge the gap between individual journeys and connect with others on a deeper, more fundamental level.
In embracing this connection, I realized that the collective reality wasn't static. It was alive, constantly evolving as more threads were added through new experiences and insights.

It's as if we're all contributing to the reality game world and when we discover something the experience gets loaded into our stream of possibilities.

It made me ponder the concept of time and how our understanding of reality is shaped not only by the present but also by the inputs of the past.
The questions that fueled my journey weren't confined to philosophical pondering; they extended to practical aspects of everyday life. How could these insights be applied to make a positive impact on the world? This led to a shift in focus from personal discovery to a broader perspective of contributing to the well-being of humanity.
The idea of contributing to the collective prompted me to explore avenues where the imprints of my understanding could be shared and potentially influence positive change. It was no longer just about my individual journey but about finding ways to assist others in the development of their optimal reality.
Yet, even in this pursuit of positive impact, I encountered challenges and resistance. The unconventional nature of my approach sometimes clashed with established norms, skepticism, or reluctance to embrace change. It made me reflect on the delicate balance between staying true to one's convictions and navigating the complexities of societal expectations.
As I continued to navigate this dynamic journey, I began to appreciate the significance of resilience and adaptability. The ability to persist in the face of challenges, learn from setbacks, and adapt the course of the journey became essential. It was a reminder that growth often involves navigating uncharted territories and facing uncertainties head-on.
The journey also brought forth the importance of creating a sense of community and shared understanding. Connecting with like-minded individuals who appreciated the value of questioning, exploring, and expressing became a source of support and inspiration. It reinforced the idea that the collective thrives when individuals come together, each contributing their unique vision of how they see the world.
I hope we all can design the reality of our dreams.
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Raymond is a multi-disciplinary designer and developer currently living in either Silicon Valley or San Diego, CA depending on the seasons. You'll find him most commonly skateboarding, having a coffee, programming, algorithmic day trading, creating 3D art or working to bring the Reality Designers vision to life.

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